ViewRanger adventure app is double award winner

By Claire Lynn - 14 October 2013

ViewRanger, a mapping and navigation app that taps into the fast growing travel adventure market, has gained awards from both the outdoor sports industry and the mobile sector and has been selected to be showcased at two major international exhibitions in 2014.

ViewRanger is a winner in the international ISPO awards, which recognises the most innovative sports products chosen by a jury from several hundred entries.  It has also been chosen to represent the best of British mobile technology on the UKTI stand at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Craig Wareham, co-founder of ViewRanger says: “These two awards demonstrate how sharing adventures both in the real world and online can enhance our enjoyment of the great outdoors. 

“Adventure tourism was estimated to be worth $263 billion in 2012 and it is growing. We have seen evidence of this enthusiasm with ViewRanger being used for navigation by everyone from walkers and cyclists to mountaineers and Arctic explorers.”

ViewRanger has an active community of users who recommend routes to each other and share their adventures.

ViewRanger provides access to the largest selection of mapping and this is downloadable to the smartphone ready to use, without the need for a mobile signal.  GPS technology shows a user’s location and can also provide active navigation of routes offered by more than 400 different publishing brands.

The app is simple enough for Sunday strollers and robust enough to be used by more than 100 search and rescue teams worldwide.

ViewRanger uses a freemium model with users quickly progressing to purchasing additional mapping and routes as they appreciate the benefits of having a comprehensive trail guide on their phone.

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