Top tips for overcoming dry eye

By Claire Lynn - 10 February 2012

If you have uncomfortable or sore eyes you might be suffering from dry eye especially if you spend long periods at a computer. Although this condition is extremely common, it is often disregarded, which can lead to mild and in some cases severe problems with one or both eyes. 

Here are some tips which will help promote healthy eyes:

-          When using a computer try to look away from the screen at regular intervals.

-          Use a humidifier and reduce use of fans in hot, dry environments.

-          Good eye hygiene will help prevent dry eye syndrome and the associated condition of blepharitis, which is inflammation (redness and swelling) of the rims of the eyelids.

-          Wet a cloth with warm water and hold it against your closed eyes for five to ten minutes. The heat warms up the oil in the glands, making it flow more easily. The cleansing action decreases the number of bacteria that break down the oil.

-          Massage your eyes by gently rolling your first finger over them in a circular motion - this will help to push out any of the mucus-like fluid from the tiny eyelid glands and the massaging action helps draw the oil out of the glands.

-          Gently clean your eyelids using cotton wool and cooled boiled water - a cotton bud can also be used to clean your upper and lower eyelid and remove any crustiness.

-          Consider use of a gentle tear replacement fluid, such as one of the Clinitas products, to provide more moisture and lubrication for the surface of your eye to bring relief, looking for a preservative free solution (such as Clinitas Soothe) would also be beneficial. 

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