Smarter, Not Harder: Open Innovation for Smart Farming - Smart-AKIS and Agri-Tech East event

Smarter, Not Harder: Open Innovation for Smart Farming

By Rachel Holdsworth - 04 May 2017

Wednesday 10th May 2017,

Elveden Village Hall, Elveden Estate, Suffolk, IP24 3TQ

Do you want to know about the smart farm technology that is available now? There is an opportunity to compare the latest cutting-edge offerings in precision technology, aerial imaging, drones and sensors from leading companies at an Agri-Tech East workshop held in partnership with Smart-AKIS.

Smarter, Not Harder: Open Innovation for Smart Farming’ will have quick-fire presentations delivered by:

  • Hexcam provides professional aerial imaging solutions. Services include canopy mapping for crop management, aerial photography for flood management and thermal surveys to spot leaks in irrigation pipework and land drainage systems.
  • AgriVue provides a cost-effective drone service for farmers. Users are able to access data and select fields for mapping of crop health and weed pressure through the agriVue website. 
  • Crop Angel develops UAVs (drones) for applications such as aerial spraying.
  • Hummingbird Technologies provides early disease detection. Each disease has its own spectral signature that can be detected remotely before it impacts the crop.
  • Outfield gathers affordable high resolution data for farmers, agronomists and researchers with UAVs for planning permission applications and land usage diagnostics.
  • Hutchinsons new ‘Omnia Precision’ online service allows multiple factors such as soil type, weed burden, seed bed conditions and even potential yield, to be represented as maps and over-layed to build variable rate application plans. This means that farmers can develop tailored seed rates for different parts of the field, combining precision farming and agronomy.
  • RTK (Real Time Kinetic) uses fixed position base stations to enhance the accuracy of GPS systems, transmitting signals that correct positioning errors caused by the Earth’s atmosphere. The position is then transmitted to the Tractor auto-steer system.

The pitch session will be followed by a workshop to discuss the benefits of these technologies, features required by farmers, barriers to potential adoption and untapped opportunities.

Smart-AKIS is the European Network for Smart Farming and it is conducting a pan-European survey to better understand what farmers’ technology requirements are. The outcome will provide a requirements specification for entrepreneurial companies looking to enter agri-tech.

The Smart-AKIS workshop is the first of three to be held by Agri-Tech East.

To register, please visit the Agri-Tech East website:

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