DualScan keeps multi-cat homes happy

DualScan keeps multi-cat homes happy

By Victoria Ellis - 22 October 2013

The new SureFlap DualScan microchip cat flap is ideal for multi-pet households, where one or more cats are allowed outside while others are kept inside.

Like all of the pet doors in the SureFlap range, the DualScan flap uses a resident cat’s microchip to ensure only authorised pets can enter the house, keeping out intruder animals but DualScan has an added extra.

Dr Nick Hill, inventor and founder of SureFlap, explains the latest product also has a selective-exit feature: “The DualScan flap will be perfect for households where cats need tailored, individual care, such as elderly or ill cats, or those with kittens not yet allowed to go outside.

"Pets with these special requirements will be locked in the house, while other pets are allowed to go out via the cat flap."

The DualScan microchip cat flap has a new double antenna which extends from the inside to the outside of the house.  This provides the range required to read a pet’s microchip reliably whether they are entering or exiting the house. 

Sensors on either side of the door detect which side of the flap an animal is approaching from. The flap will only permit entry or exit if the individual’s settings enable it to do so.

For feline escape artists there is also a new safety mode as Dr Hill explains: “The safety feature is important because if a pet climbs out a window, or someone accidentally lets them outside, they will be able to regain access through the cat flap, and won’t be locked out.”

Both the standard and safety modes follow the simple one-button programming process familiar to all SureFlap pet doors, with a green light on the standard learn mode and a red light for the safety learn mode. 

The same learn processes can be used to easily update a pet’s permissions, should they change over time.

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