Another month and still not pregnant?

Another month and still not pregnant?

By Rachel Holdsworth - 16 September 2014

One in seven couples will have some problems conceiving, but contrary to popular opinion infertility is not increasing. To counter some of the myths and provide couples with advice specific to their needs, Bourn Hall Clinic is hosting a seminar as part of its Fertility Awareness Campaign on Tuesday 23 September 18:30 at The George Hotel, Stamford.

“Couples are often surprised to learn that there are only about 4 days a month when a woman can get pregnant,” explains Dr Thomas Mathews, Medical Director at Bourn Hall Clinic. “Often people don’t know that simple lifestyle changes such as losing weight, giving up smoking and eating a better diet can all improve chances of success too.

“However, if an otherwise healthy couple have been trying to conceive for more than two years without success then it is wise to seek advice, particularly if you are over 35.”

The seminar includes presentations about why there can be problems conceiving and the fertility treatments available, followed by individual one-to-one sessions with a fertility nurse specialist where you can ask your own questions in confidence. 

These mini-consultations are personalised as Dr Mathews explains: “Everyone is an individual and our advice is tailored accordingly. When registering online for the seminar there are a numbers of questions about medical history, it is important to answer these as fully as possible and to mention anything that might be of concern to you.  Before the seminar I review these comments and provide some recommendations for the nurses to discuss with each person that registers.”

There is no charge for attending the awareness event or receiving the mini-consultation and it is open to anyone with a concern about their fertility.

Dr Mathews concludes; “Fertility declines with age and to me the saddest situation is when someone who wants to have children has put off talking to a health professional about their concerns only to find they have left it too late.”

Bourn Hall recently opened a new clinic in Peterborough to allow patients to have more options for appointments.

To register for the Stamford Fertility Awareness Event go to the Bourn Hall events page:

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